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Becky's pointless application

Here's my application, even though I'm already a member.

1. Name: Becky
2. Wish your name was: Sandy, Dolly or Mimi
3. Age: 15
4. Favorite color: hot pink
5. Favorite bands (hint: if you want to get in, nobody can have heard of at LEAST 3): Hard Down Glass (Jake and Eliot are all right... but Damon is my man), Yellowcard, Stay the Providence, Dashboard Confessional, Rubber Chicken, Mark3, Rubix Cube, Pink Lighter, White Mask, All-American Rejects, The Ataris, Phantom Planet, Painted On Jeans, Lil' Andy
6. Number of sweaters you own (bonus for argyle, or ones you made yourself): at LEAST 20 - 11 are argyle and I made 2 myself
7. Favorite movies: SLC Punk!, Newsies, Moulin Rouge, Miracle, Elf, A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice, Finding Neverland, West Side Story, Shakespeare in love, New York Minute, The Challenge, Winning London, When in Rome, Holiday in the Sun, Shrek 2, The Invisibles
8. What are you wearing right now: My Dollywood airbrushed T-shirt and pajama pants
9. If you had three wishes what would they be: 1) To spread Emo-ness all around L-Town * 2) Eat a whole cheesecake without tossing my cookies * 3) Meet Dolly Parton
10. Do you have any emo pets? My chihuahua/dachshund mix Roxie who is black and very emo
11. Why do you think you're emolicious (be elaborate)? There's no need to question - I just am.
*And post at least 1 picture of your emolicious self.*

My emo dog
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