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are you emolicious?

mmm mmm mmm emoliciously good

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emolicious: (ee-mo-lish-uss) 1. an individual who "aspires" to be emo - aka "emotional"
2. Deliciously Emo

We wanted to start a group for all of us emolicious peeps to get together and be emolicious together. If you think you are emolicious enough to join, you MUST fill out this application, and then post it as an lj cut.

1. Name:
2. Wish your name was:
3. Age:
4. Favorite color:
5. Favorite bands (hint: if you want to get in, nobody can have heard of at LEAST 3):
6. Number of sweaters you own (bonus for argyle, or ones you made yourself):
7. Favorite movies:
8. What are you wearing right now:
9. If you had three wishes what would they be:
10. Do you have any emo pets?
11. Why do you think you're emolicious (be elaborate)?
*And post at least 1 picture of your emolicious self.*