Evan (animosity_4506) wrote in r_u_emolicious,

1. Name: Evian Blanco
2. Wish your name was: Ayden Michael
3. Age: 17
4. Favorite color: red
5. Favorite bands (hint: if you want to get in, nobody can have heard of at LEAST 3): hoobastank, dream theater, dave mathews, nirvana, metalica, sevendust, incubus, duran duran, more (lazy)
6. Number of sweaters you own (bonus for argyle, or ones you made yourself): 0: end of story
7. Favorite movies: ace ventura (both of em), gladiator, forest gump, iron man, cruel intentions << i wont lie.
8. What are you wearing right now: white shirt, blue shorts, socks, necklace.
9. If you had three wishes what would they be: besides the power to do anything, anywhere, anyway, anyhow, anytime all by free will.  1. infinate money 2. acceptance (100%) - i hate being rejected 3. become Livejournal literate
10. Do you have any emo pets? a cat... one that bleeds in the summertime from self mutalation and kills daily. and an eel.
11. Why do you think you're emolicious (be elaborate)? Seyton coaxed me to join... nah, it was Ameei.

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